a place in the clouds


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We’re junkies together, that makes us BFFs in my book.

I miss them and I miss this friendship.

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We’re so not a cute couple in and out of each other’s pockets, finishing each other’s sentences. But we’re still a couple. We’re us and I love us and I am nowhere near ready to give up. Even if you are, I’m not giving up.

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That adorable little cheek-smush though.

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Ryan’s such a choirboy, it makes it even funnier when he’s being a jackass.

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Becca Tobin attends the 2014 Hampton Classic

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Blind Trust

Hey all UK JCap fans - Blind Trust, Jessica’s tv movie from 2007, is on Channel 5 today @ 3.20pm.  :)

Becca Tobin at The Hampton Classic 2014 - 28/08/2014


Teri I love you!
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Stana Katic - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Stana Katic - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost (1990) - Certified Fresh at 74%

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Look, it’s blood. It’s Summers blood.

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